Sunday, September 7, 2014

Korean Style SPA--Jjimjilbang

After watch couple korean dramas, I got some interest in korean style Spa--it is called "Jimjibang". This weekend I visited one of  the famous  korean style  spa Century Day and Night Spa in KoreanTown, Los Angeles. Century Day and Night Spa open 24/ 7. I went there late night with a tiring body, after I get out the spa my whole body just get loose, relax,  and I find out why korean have pretty skin.

This is a whole new experience for me, and it was amazing. This Spa's slogan is : shut up and sweat." It offers all-day heated rooms and pools, Second floor is Jjimjilbang.  Jimjibang have five different relaxing rooms: Mineral salt room, Clay room, Gold room, Hot stone klin room, and a Ice room. First four rooms are super hot and the Ice room is cold. Also they offer different type of massages and body scrub. I tried Oil Body Massage. This service not just massage your body, masseur also wash your hair and apply a cucumber mask for you. During a busy day, or accumulated pressures from work, or while you are traveling around City of Los Angeles, you definitely should check out this place, it will totally help you to relax your body.

After relaxing night. I went to eat laaaaaaaate dinner with my friend at OB Bear - Koreatown - Los Angeles,  fried chicken and beer ( sounds so korean) , also spicy pork was great, best spicy pork I have ever had, highly recommend to you.

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Jimjibang rest area heated floor
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