Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to become a Millionaire (1)

How to become a Millionaire?

This questions  have been asked for many people, the answer is very simple: you need to work hard on the right thing. Become a millionaire is a long time process.

Now Let us get into the 1st lesson: The first 10 thing you need to work on

  1. You need to find the thing that you think you need to improve on it.
  2. Personal development ( Looking for something that you are interest in it, you need to learn new subject periodically)
  3. Affirmation ( each year it needs to add 50% new affirmation,  keep 50% old affirmation that you think you did good job on it)
  4. Family focus ( keep your word to your family member build you creditability. Family is a big power that supporting you even sometime you don't fell that way.
  5. Faith goals (need to have a kind heart)
  6. Friend circle*** ( This is a very important one, whether you believe it or not, the people you hang out with have huge influence on you, hang out with quiliety people )

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to be successful in networking model business

Why there are so many people fail in the networking business model?
It is because  70% of the people quit before they even actually got started.
Some people will say the rest 30% people does tried, but still fails.
Why those 30% people worked very hard , but still failed miserably?
1. They picked the wrong company right from the beginning.
2. They picked the right company wrong timing .

How to be successful in this business model?
There couple advises:
First: the Jw's 4 Quadrants--> (culture, professions , Markets ( 70%) and target audience ( 25%) are the solutions to build a successful organization  signing up people at all cost  ( at the beginning stage you should focus on Quality then massively) The reason that we should not focus massive people is the negatives will actually become a burden to you. Also, the negatives can kill you momentum and energy. You got to filter out the right people first then get them start the business.

Then, Investing your time with the strong Rule is 9:1. Let the strong people become stronger and the weak will follow. Be strong at your people, motivate and inspire them.

If anybody think what I said is right and interesting in start a part time job with income $3000-$5000 plz feel free comment below ( SF bay area only)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

How to develop leaders around you

Recently, I start to get involved in a Financial  Service Company
Yesterday I attended a meeting that is hold by a successful leader.
I am going to share it today.

If you want to become a top leader, you need to find the right person to help you.
Step No1.  How to find the right person?Identify Who? how to determine that? If a person who is liked by 100% people, he will never be a leader. The right person you need to find is 70% people like him, 30 %  do not like him.
Step No2. Don't be afraid to lose people to get the right one--->focus on the strong.
Step No3. Don't do everything yo your people, don't spoil your people
Step No4. Trade everybody fairly not equally.
Last Step in order to let your people to following you, you need to ruing in front of them stay i the game.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yummy Restaurant SF (3) Zuni Cafe

Lunch Time~~~
Location: the corner of Market St & Rose  St
Open Lunch & Dinner
Today's dish: Quang's Rosemary sausage with grilled squash, fennel, roasted Early Girl tomato, house-made mustard, and herb oil.
(Menu changes occasionally)
Over all 4 Stars

Zuni Cafe

Lunch Menu -- Zuni Cafe

A Sunny day at Zuni Cafe

Second floor of Zuni Cafe

Today's Dish 

First floor of Zuni Cafe

Bar at Zuni Cafe

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Breakfast @ chanel

Tonight, When I was driving pass by Chanel Store in downtown San Francisco I saw a really nice dress on the model. Seems like it has been so long since last time I went to Union Square.

After I back home I check online store and fashion show videos for 2016 winter.
I also find a nice article on New York Time.

It's nice to watch this fashion show before bed ^^

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yummy Restaurant SF (2)

Recently my dear friends start going back to their home countries.
It is really a sad thing:((
We spent our college life together, I am really glad I had met them.
Sometime I think that the US is not nice to international students
I had met couple of my friends before they live, really enjoyed the moment that we spent together, we are talking about dating life, office drama, we are laughing, we eating, drinking. I wish time can stop at that moment.

Couple great places I had discovered for past couple weeks:
The first one is Ame--- a upscale spot offering creative Asian inspired dishes ( Michelin Star Restaurant). The restaurant is not big, but the food was great, and ambiance is elegant. (reservation recommended ) It is located in St Regis Hotel ( SF ).
Address: 689 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105
Restaurant Link:
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