Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to become a Millionaire (1)

How to become a Millionaire?

This questions  have been asked for many people, the answer is very simple: you need to work hard on the right thing. Become a millionaire is a long time process.

Now Let us get into the 1st lesson: The first 10 thing you need to work on

  1. You need to find the thing that you think you need to improve on it.
  2. Personal development ( Looking for something that you are interest in it, you need to learn new subject periodically)
  3. Affirmation ( each year it needs to add 50% new affirmation,  keep 50% old affirmation that you think you did good job on it)
  4. Family focus ( keep your word to your family member build you creditability. Family is a big power that supporting you even sometime you don't fell that way.
  5. Faith goals (need to have a kind heart)
  6. Friend circle*** ( This is a very important one, whether you believe it or not, the people you hang out with have huge influence on you, hang out with quiliety people )