Sunday, September 7, 2014

UC Berkely

UC Berkely ---- University of California Berkely is one of the best university in the world.
Have you ever read this artical?  This article has included basic information of  UC Berkely! 

I went this dream university last sunday. Under the California sunshine, the school was so beautiful!!! Many travelers visiting here---young students, families. Most all them come from different countries and bring big dreams!!!  If you never been here, you should find some leisure time come to visit and feel the atmosphere. If you come to visit, make sure you go to a street named "Telegraph". It is the major street in front of school, many unique stores along the road, like bars, clothing shops, restaurants  

Since I went there on sunday, there was street festival, some interesting people was walking on the street.The most memorable one was a cute dog, it wears same sunglass as its owner does. I shared its pic following.

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